CALPACT Training: Social Support and Social Networks Impact Upon Trans Health by Emilia Lombardi

Emilia Lombardi, PhD is an Assistant Professor at the University of Pittsburgh, School of Public Health. Dr. Lombardi's research examines the role discrimination and prejudice plays on people's health and access to health care, particularly concerning HIV prevention and treatment, and substance use. In addition, she supervises needs assessments and program evaluations that occur within a project studying HIV-prevention knowledge, attitudes, and access to service of people at risk of HIV infection, and of HIV experts throughout the state, excluding Philadelphia. This study, using focus groups and interviews, and funded by the CDC and State Department of Health, is being used to develop an HIV-prevention plan for Pennsylvania. Dr. Lombardi is also a member of the University of Pittsburgh's Center for Research on Health and Sexual Orientation."

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Social Support and Socia l Networks Impact

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